Zhidkov showed ambiguous shots with the famous actress

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Fans noted that the couple looks very harmonious.

Ivan Zhidkov. Photo: social networks

The star of Russian TV series Ivan Zhidkov for several years he was married to actress Tatiana Arntgoltz. In 2009 their daughter Masha was born, and four years later the couple divorced. Afterwards, the artist started an affair with model Lilia Solovyova, as a result of which his son Stepan was born in 2017.

And the day before in his social network Zhidkov showed footage from Sochi. He hugged the actress on them Anna Mikhailovskaya. It seems that the stars are involved in the shooting of a new film, which takes place in the south of Russia. Fans noted that the couple looks harmonious.

Ivan Zhidkov and Anna Mikhailovskaya
Ivan Zhidkov and Anna Mikhailovskaya. Photo: social networks

“It’s a pity you’re not together in life! The couple would be beautiful, ”Web users wrote.

Let’s addthat the star of “Captains” Anna Mikhailovskaya was married. She is raising her son Miroslav and is happy in her new relationship.

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