Zemfira: “I’m sad, heavy, I’m crying. I stupidly do not want a war. “

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On February 24, Zemfira performed at the Music Media Dome with the presentation of the Borderline album. Everyone was expecting loud anti-war statements from the singer, but from the stage the star only called this day “very difficult for me” – and not a word about the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

However, on the night after the concert, Zemfira erupted in an emotional post, where she sincerely shared her real experiences:

I’m hysterical. At the age of four my parents took me to the music school, at the age of five I was appointed a soloist in the choir, at the age of six I started playing sports, reached local heights, but chose music. I have come a long way since then.

I know everything about myself, I know that I am a wildly professional person, and I have no equal in professionalism. I apologize to my colleagues, but it’s true.

I am constantly progressing, my degree of criticism is increasing, my character is deteriorating, I am getting angrier and tougher. Nevertheless, I have a wonderful team, a cool team of Russian guys, and I love and respect everyone very much. But it’s all “foam”.

I’m sad, heavy, I’m crying. I stupidly do not want war.

And I’m not a coward. “

Another solo album by the singer at the Music Media Dome is scheduled for tomorrow, February 26. There are fears that after the emotional shock Zemfira will cancel the second concert in Moscow.

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