Zavorotnyuk’s daughter proved herself due to her mother’s illness

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Zavorotnyuk Jr. called herself “anorexic.”

Daughter of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna told about the last year of her life, in which she was especially acutely affected by her mother’s deadly illness. The 26-year-old actress wrote on social media that she had not eaten properly for a whole year.

“I pushed food into myself to somehow live on. All because of the nerves from the news about my mother, “- said in a post by Anna.

Zavorotnyuk Jr. suffers from constant weight jumps. In 2022, Anna gained extra pounds. According to the girl, she eats a lot of sweets due to lack of endorphins – the hormone of happiness. The daughter of the “beautiful nanny” set a goal – to lose about five kilograms.

Anna is currently in Dubai.

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