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Zavorotnyuk’s daughter howled without her mother

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Instadiva is stuck in Thailand.

Blogger and model Anna Zavorotnyuk and her boyfriend recently went on vacation to Thailand, which did not go without trouble. All because the celebrity could not return home in time, where her seriously ill mother, actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma (brain cancer) a few years ago, was waiting for her.

IN Stories the businesswoman noted that their direct flight home had been canceled. As a result, Anna and her chosen one had to look for other options. It turned out that the institute decided to fly through Dubai, but the tickets cost her a penny. Zavorotnyuk Jr. admitted that the way home cost 315,000 rubles.

We will also add that the blogger was previously harassed on the Internet because she decided to go on vacation. Many were outraged that Anna does not refuse to travel while her famous mother is struggling with a serious illness. However, the model resisted the villains, noting that she tries not to leave her mother for a long time, who, on the contrary, wants her to enjoy life in spite of everything.

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