“Zatopek” was recognized as the best Czech film of 2021

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“Zatopek” was recognized as the best Czech film of 2021

The most successful film of the 29th annual film award of the Czech Academy of Film and Television Arts (ČFTA) “Czech Lion” was the film “Zatopek” directed by David Ondříček. Out of 13 nominations, he received eight awards, including for best film, best director and best male role of Vaclav Neuzhil.

The film tells about the life and sporting success of the Olympic running champion Emil Zatopek, played by Vaclav Neuzhil. The world premiere of “Zatopek” took place in 2021 at the 55th festival in Karlovy Vary. The picture won the audience award. Earlier, the film “Zatopek” was nominated for an Oscar in the category of foreign language films, but it was not shortlisted.

The best documentary was “Intensive Care Unit” about doctors who care for the terminally ill.

The award for the best animated film went to the film “Even mice go to heaven.”

The award for the best television film went to the mini-series “Bozena”, which tells about the life of the famous Czech writer Bozena Nemtsova.

The Czech Lion Award for Outstanding Contribution to Czech Cinema went to sound director Ivo Špali, who has co-directed hundreds of films. He has been working in cinema for almost sixty years and has collaborated, for example, with the Laterna magika theater or director Jan Schwankmeier.

The award ceremony took place on March 5. The actors who presented the awards spoke with excitement about the military situation and expressed support for the Ukrainians. The Rudolfinum building was decorated with the Ukrainian flag, and there was no traditional red carpet on the stairs. Many guests pinned yellow and blue ribbons or badges to their clothes.

During the live broadcast of Czech television, viewers could help Ukraine by sending a DMS. A total of 5.6 million kroons was raised in this way.


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