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Zakharova spoke about Nadia Ermakova’s new shame

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Nadia and Daniel are getting married soon and they should look happy and a little tired, because there are a lot of worries and anxieties. Why do the participants of House 2 look tired? Yana Zakharova spoke about Nadia Ermakova’s new shame in her microblog. Nadia has a conflict with Yulia Efremenkova because of Mondezir, Yulia wants to prove to the audience of House 2, however, it is unclear why Ermakova lusts for Mondezir.

And so Zakharova, who used to be friends with Ermakova and knows many of her secrets, was put on a lie detector and asked questions about Svet-Amur and Nadezhda. Zakharova is sure that the truth is not interesting to the management of the reality show, they just want to save Ermakova’s reputation, so yesterday at Lobny the hosts came to the conclusion that Nadia treats Mondezir as a friend. Details on air 12.03.2022.

As we have already written on the sloka, Ermakova is constantly creates unpleasant situations. Will Daniel Chistov’s parents, who are already not happy with their future daughter-in-law, like the broadcasts with lie detectors? Why doesn’t Chistov hear his parents advising him to leave the project?

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