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Zach Snyder finds the perfect evil galactic king for the fantasy epic “Rebellious Moon”

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Rebellious Moon – science fiction megaproject of the director Zach Snyder on Netflix – got two more famous lyceums: Carrie Elves and Corey Stall. The first starred in “Princess Bride”, “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”, “Saw”, and many others; the second is now actively involved in the series “Billions”, and before that he was in the series “Strain” and “House of Cards”, in short, the guy is also in demand.

Elves plays the king of the galactic empire. We can assume that this is a categorically negative character – “Rebel Moon” because the reworking of Snyder’s ideas for a movie about “Star Wars”, and the attitude of the supreme ruler Palpatine to the ideals of goodness and justice needs no explanation.

Sofia Butella heads the cast, which also includes Charlie Hannam, Ray Fisher, Jimon Honsu, Stuart Martin, Rupert Friend, Pae Du-na, Jenna Malone, Stas Nair, Charlotte Maggie and Skye Young.

The plot tells of a peaceful planet on the edge of a galaxy threatened by the armies of the tyrant-regent Balizarius. The frightened inhabitants send a young woman (Butella) with a mysterious past to look for warriors on other planets to organize a decent rebuff.

Filming will begin in late April.

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