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09:59 April 5, 2022

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On April 15, the South Sakhalin Children’s Art School will launch an admission campaign for the 2022-2023 school year.

In 2021, the school turned 55 years old. One of the highlights of this holiday was an exhibition of creative works of graduates who grew into professional artists, as well as those who did not link their future lives with art. In 2021, as part of the anniversary year, students of the art school delighted visitors to the Sakhalin Zoo Botanical Park with the work of students, took part in the All-Russian art dictation.

The school hosts many exhibitions every year, children participate in various creative projects, city, regional, international and national events.

Children aged six and a half are accepted to study at DHS. The school has a fairly wide selection of additional general education programs:

  • additional general educational program “Fine Arts” for beginner artists from six and a half years, designed for four years. From the first grade the children learn to draw colorful compositions on various topics, create collages from paper and three-dimensional images in the technique of papier-mâché, sculpt panels and figurines from clay and plasticine (6+);
  • The next level of education is the additional general development general education program “Fundamentals of Visual Literacy” for children from 11 years old, which is also designed for four years. Students create paintings in easel and applied composition, study academic drawing and painting, sculpture. They are undergoing training practice (plein air). Admission of children to the above programs is by appointment, children are not selected individually (12+);
  • additional pre-professional general education program “Painting” with different terms of study: eight years (accepted children aged six and a half to nine years) and five years (accepted children aged 10 to 12 years). Students are already enrolled in these programs based on the results of individual selection. Mastering pre-professional programs forms a set of knowledge, skills and abilities that allow further mastering of professional educational programs of universities and colleges (6+).

For those who did not have time to try their hand at drawing in childhood and adolescence, there are two-year paid programs for youth and adults “Fundamentals of Fine Arts” (16+), where Sakhalin students learn the basics of academic literacy under the sensitive guidance of a teacher. The program “Decorative and Applied Arts” (16+) will help to master various techniques of applied art (batik, quilling, ceramics, etc.).

For children from the age of 15, the programs “Drawing and Fundamentals of Formation” (16+, designed for 4 months for university entrants and one year) and “Fundamentals of Fine Arts” (16+, two-year course of academic literacy) are offered.

For those entering secondary schools and universities, the program “Career Guidance” (16+) is available, aimed at individual training.

Children from 5.6 years old are offered the program “Early Aesthetic Development” (6+, designed for one year), and for children from 9 to 10 years old the program “Etude” (6+) is available, in the process of which children acquire artistic and theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities in the subjects of the program, allowing to further successfully master the general and pre-professional programs in the field of arts.

Anyone wishing to learn to draw can apply for several selected programs. Documents for training are accepted both in electronic form on school website (registration will be active from April 15 from 9:00), and on paper in the educational building №1 at: Kurilskaya Street, 35 on weekdays from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00, according to IA with reference to the art school.

Additional information and inquiries by phone: 8 (4242) 72-29-62.

Required package of documents:

  • photo 3×4;
  • a copy of the birth certificate;
  • reference from the pediatrician.

You can get acquainted in detail with the programs and rules of admission at DHS website.


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