Yuri Shevchuk canceled the concert in Tyumen because the hall was decorated with the letter “Z”

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On April 20 and 21, DDT was to perform at the Tyumen Philharmonic. Everything went according to plan exactly until Shevchuk showed up in the city. He did not like the letter “Z”, which decorated the facade of the building.

“We were supposed to play in Tyumen today, but it didn’t happen. One very pretty young lady forbade it. I always try to say everything I think everyone knows about it. “

God, how much truth in the eyes of state whores!

God, how much faith is in the hands of retired executioners!

You don’t let them roll up their sleeves again,

You don’t let them roll up the sleeves of the Bustling Nights again.

Black headlights at the next gate,

Buttercups, handcuffs, torn mouth.

How many times, rolling, my head

She flew here from the crowded block,

Once again I am convinced of the Truth of the Holy Scriptures, where it is written in black and white: “Do not create an idol for yourself.” Yu. Shevchuk was not such an idol for me, but his songs are the songs of my youth (I’m not much younger than him). That’s how to be now? This act of his was like a blow to the head. How to listen to his songs now, and not remember this case? Just cognitive dissonance now in my head! It’s insulting and painful for the soul! As if he had lost, if not a friend, then a good friend … from a wild, distant, but so beautiful, and long gone youth

Eh Jura Jura … pacifism is certainly good, but not when your country is besieged on all sides. The guys there are dying, including for the fact that you could easily write your own profound songs.

Leave Yuri Yulianovich alone. He is an old pacifist. He is always against war and violence. He saw that war brings people – he is against it. The first Chechen guys remember his help. Leave him alone please

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