Yuri Polyakov criticized artists who left the country for political reasons

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Who will be recorded in the “foreign artists”

Well-known writer Yuri Polyakov, author of the cult books “District Emergencies”, “One Hundred Days Before the Order”, the sensational nostalgic novel “Sovdetstvo” and other bestsellers, spoke sharply against artists leaving their country because of disagreement with the actions in Ukraine.

“People’s Artists of Russia, who left the Fatherland during a special military operation, I propose to call foreign artists of the Russian Federation after their return,” Polyakov wrote on his social media pages.

Earlier, Yuri Mikhailovich, as a writer and president of the National Association of Playwrights, became one of the signatories of the “Appeal of Russian writers on a special operation of our army in Donbass and Ukraine”, posted on the website of “Literary Newspaper”.

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