Yumin from RaNia spoke about the reason for the divorce from the former member of Topp Dogg P-Goon

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Yuminformer participant Raniatold about her relationship with the former participant ToppDogg P-Goon (Pak Se Hyuk). They got married in 2018. In the same year they had a child, and a year later they divorced. In 2021, they also took part in the show “We Got Divorced”.

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On April 21, the entertainment show MBN “Dongchimi” released a video (preview of the main issue) on its YouTube channel with the participation Yumin. In this video, she began talking about “I divorced my husband for 200,000 won,” calling financial problems the reason for the divorce. P-Goon.

Yuminwho is now raising a child alone, told about how she met a former participant ToppDogg and why they broke up. “I was a new member of RaNia in 2016. I then met my ex-husband naturally through an acquaintance. We had a secret relationship for about a year, then I got pregnant. “She began her story.

Although they were idols, Yumin shared that the money they earned when they decided to get married was small. She continued: “Our wedding took place six months after I got pregnant. But we had quarrels over financial problems related to renting a house and other living expenses. “

As the financial crisis in their family continued, P-Goon recommended Yumin conduct broadcasts on the Internet. She said: “I think he did it because it’s better for women to broadcast online, and I was an idol, too.”. Yumin shocked viewers by admitting that, despite being pregnant, she was “forced” to hide her pregnancy and wear a loose-fitting shirt to make money. However, the revenue from the broadcasts turned out to be higher than they expected. As a result P-Goon resigned from the company and thought about helping her. However Yumin confessed: “He relied on me more and more.”

Yumin also surprised the presenters and viewers by telling the story of the birth of her child: “I had a broadcast that went before dawn, and the next morning I ran out of water. My ex-husband couldn’t go to the hospital with me because he was going to work, and I went with my mom and brother. I gave birth to a child and returned home seven days later without receiving postpartum care. “

Yumin said she had to keep working because of unsettled debts, but fortunately she had a stable career online: “I kept working because I had a lot of debt. All I could think about was money. While I was raising the child, I broadcast on the Internet and started working as a model. “.

Then Yumin told about the last quarrel before the divorce. “I wanted to give my parents about 200,000 won for out-of-pocket expenses”She said, adding that this was the last straw.

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