Yulia Savicheva shared what she had to go through on the way to success

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The singer’s childhood was very difficult.

Despite the artistry and love of millions of viewers, Yulia Savicheva was not always so simple. The singer recalls how as a child her family barely made ends meet. Her mother worked as a teacher at a music school, and her father was a drummer in the rock band “Convoy”. When the family moved to Moscow, it became very difficult.

“We lived in poverty. Sometimes I wore clothes for someone. We even traded things in transition. They ran away from the police … I was only ten years old at that time, so I remember everything quite vaguely. More often, of course, parents traded, ”Savichev recalls in a conversation with “7Dney.ru”.

The singer recalls that they did not have their own home, they had to constantly move from one rented apartment to another. Very often they were helped by caring people who did not take money for their work.

However, all these difficulties only hardened the artist. The girl became famous after participating in the “Star Factory” project. In a short time, she has managed to collect various music awards, and her voice is listened to by millions of people around the world.

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