Yulia Salibekova from “Doma-2” refuses to talk about her husband Tigran

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Former participant of the reality show Yulia Salibekova made it clear that she will no longer touch on the topic of divorce in her microblog.

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Former members of “House-2”, spouses Julia and Tigran Salibekovsare preparing for divorce after ten years of living together.

Tigran has been living alone for several weeks. He moved away from his wife and children after a loud scandal, and Julia does not want it return. The mother of three sons is determined.

The couple is at war with each other, telling unflattering facts from their joint biography. But it seems that Yulia Salibekova has decided to put an end to the public conflict. Apparently, she realized that her performances only helped Tigran’s popularity on the Web.

In a microblog, Yulia Salibekova said she would no longer talk about her relationship with the father of her three children.

“It’s time to close this page and not honor those who are not worth it,” Yulia Salibekova wrote on Instagram.

Subscribers supported the ex-member of “House-2”, saying that she should spend more time with children, rather than fighting with her husband.

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