Yulia Ovsyannikova, Editor-in-Chief of Tver Media Holding, has written a book of stories about Kenozerye

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In Russia, the book “Uninvented stories of Kenozerya” was published – 31 stories based on real events, memories of the inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk region, historical facts, epics and beliefs of the protected area.

The new edition was told in community “Kenozersky National Park” on the social network “VKontakte”. And we are especially pleased to announce this news to Tver readers, as the texts in the book were written by the editor-in-chief of our media holding RIA “Upper Volga” Julia Ovsyannikova. The illustrations were made by artist Alena Solomatina. By the way, the texts for the book were written by Julia in February-March 2021 on a volunteer basis.

In each of the stories, reality is intertwined with fiction: events have a historical basis, on which the fates of people are strung like precious beads: actual and probable witnesses of these events.

Photo by: Kenozersky National Park

All stories are united by one place – the magical and mysterious Kenozerie. The Uninvented Stories tells about the nature, culture and unique landscapes of the Kenozersky National Park. The narrators are the people, the main characters and the careful custodians of the territory’s heritage. These are both ordinary northern peasants, and scientists of different historical epochs, who study and preserve their native lands, sometimes putting their scientific careers at stake, and our contemporaries, who have sacredly preserved the traditions of their ancestors since infancy.

Photo by: Kenozersky National Park

Soon, the book, published in excellent quality by the Moscow publishing house “Northern Pilgrim”, will appear on the shelves of souvenir shops of the Kenozersky National Park, and visitors will be able to purchase this unique edition.

Photo by: Kenozersky National Park

It should be added that “Fictional Stories of Kenozer” is part of the StoryTagging Northword project and was published by Kenozer National Park with the support of the European Union under the Northern Periphery and Arctic program. The aim of the project is to support the creative industries of the Nordic countries and to combine local stories with modern technologies. Kenozersky National Park is the only territory of Russia participating in the project. Scotland, Northern Ireland, Sweden and Finland have also become participating countries.

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