Yubin from Oh My Girl spoke about the reason for the change of stage name

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March 30 participants Oh My Girl Synhi, YubinMimi, Jiho and Hijon appeared as guests of the SBS power FM radio program «Cultwo Show». Participant Yubin introduced herself and told the audience that she had decided to change her stage name. Initially Yubin debuted under the stage pseudonym Binny.

When asked why she decided to change her stage name, Yubin replied: “The main reason is that I really like being called by my name».

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Then the DJ Kim Tae-gun remarked: “It had to be simple Yubin from the beginning. Binny – it’s also just a friendly way to turn to Yubinright?»

Yubin replied: “But when I made my debut, the agency set the rule: “I must live as Binny». I asked the agency a long time ago to let me change my name, and I was finally allowed to».

Finally, Yubin added: «I feel a rush of energy when people call me by my real name».

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