YouTube blocked the State Duma channel. Maria Zakharova stated that video hosting “signed a sentence”

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YouTube video hosting blocked account channel “Duma TV”, covering the work of the State Duma.

“Your account has been blocked without being able to be recovered in accordance with our export restriction and sanctions policies,” the YouTube statement said. published authors of “Duma TV”.

In the press service of Google “Interfax” explainedthat the blocking of the State Duma channel is connected with the observance of the legislation on sanctions and trade rules. After the start of the war in Ukraine, the United States imposed sanctions on the Russian State Duma as a whole and separately on 328 deputies who voted for the recognition of the independence of the so-called “LPR” and “DPR”.

Duma TV Channel positions itself as parliamentary television. It published the comments of deputies, broadcasts of State Duma meetings and author’s programs. It is claimed that 145,000 users subscribed to the channel, and the total number of video views exceeded 100 million.

In my country blocked

Present Time

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commenting YouTube’s actions in its telegram channel, called for preparations to block video hosting in Russia.

“Apparently, YouTube has signed a verdict. Save the content, transfer it to Russian platforms. And faster,” Zakharova said.

Roskomnadzor demanded to restore access to the State Duma channel, said that blocking the “Duma TV” “prevents the dissemination of information and free access to it.”

“The American IT company adheres to a strong anti-Russian position in the information war waged by the West against our country. Video hosting is a key platform in the spread of fakes, discriminating against official Russian sources of information,” RKN said in a statement.

The head of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin called blocking “another evidence of violations of the rights and freedoms of citizens by Washington.”

“The United States wants a monopoly on the promotion of information. We cannot allow that,” he wrote in a telegram.

Senator Andrei Klishas statedthat Youtube “is a sure step towards becoming outlawed in our country”.

In March 2022, Google announced the immediate blocking of the Youtube channels RT and Sputnik in Europe due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia Today, RBC and other channels were also blocked.

Roskomnadzor accused YouTube of censorship and called on Google to immediately end the restrictions, threatening “technological action.”

On March 18, RIA Novosti reported, citing sources, that YouTube could be blocked for a week in Russia, but this did not happen.

On April 7, Roskomnadzor announced “measures to force information and economic” against Google for “numerous violations of Russian law.” Search engines “Yandex” and began to mark Google resources as sites that “violate Russian laws.” In addition, the Russian authorities have banned advertising of Google and its resources.

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