Young Tula residents became the heroes of a book about the exploits of modern children – News of Tula and the region

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Young Tula residents have entered a new book about the exploits of modern children “Magic tales about child heroes”. This is a collection of 30 fairy tales based on real stories about the brave and good deeds of children from all over Russia.

The heroes of the third book were little tulaks.

7-year-old Dasha Pavlova on vacation in the Crimea saved the life of a 5-year-old boy who was riding a scooter and fell into the pool. Dasha did not think for a second: she immediately threw herself into the water right in her dress and picked up the boy before the adults.

13-year-old Ivan Zimin saved the life of a teenager while vacationing in Sochi. No one but Ivan noticed a strange red spot on the ski slope in Krasnaya Polyana. These were the snowboarder’s gloves – the teenager fell unsuccessfully and fell under the snow so that he could only move his arms slightly. Vanya called for help and rushed to dig out the guy’s face so he could breathe.

The young tulaks, whose stories are recorded in the third volume of the book of exploits, showed a strong character, acted quickly and confidently.
Such heroic stories from all over the country have been collected and published by the team of the all-Russian project “Feats” for about 9 years.

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