“You’ll find your mother in the ditch.” How to publish a book about feminism in Russia

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“This is a book for all women: both for those who still believe that women are the weaker sex and that a woman’s main responsibility is to have children and serve her husband, and for those who call themselves radical feminists. Everyone will find it here. something useful for themselves “, – the author of the book tells”Feminism: clearly“, who wished to remain anonymous. On the Internet, she calls herself Bloody Seamstress.

We wanted to show in the book what feminism really is

The book includes articles from the public “Feminism: clearly“in” VKontakte “, telegram and instagram, as well as a description of research related to gender issues in Russia and around the world. The authors of the articles write based on data from feminist sites: information portal liberation movement, portal about the problems of prostitution, pornography and human trafficking, or projectdevoted to research and debunking myths about sexual violence. In addition, the public can find an analysis of the texts of Simone de Beauvoir, Sheila Jeffries, Gerda Lerner and other feminists.

“The idea to publish the book came quite spontaneously,” he explains Blood Seamstress. – It all started with a joke: they say we have already accumulated so many articles, why not publish them in book form? These were articles, one way or another related to feminism, on topics such as menstruation, sex, female corporeality, the problem of motherhood and childbirth, trafficking in women and girls, prostitution. AST Publishing House found us – and that’s how the work started. We tried to select articles in such a way as to show in the book what feminism really is, who feminists are, what they do for women, and what feminists of the past have already done for us. “

The texts were not severely censored. The publisher only asked to shorten the articles or reduce the amount of material in one of the sections of the book.

More and more women are beginning to realize that they are not the “weak sex” at all.

The author of the book attributes this favor primarily to the fact that feminism is becoming a popular topic in Russia. More and more girls and women are learning about feminism, including through our public. More and more women are beginning to change their views on life, begin to improve their quality of life, find the strength to get out of toxic relationships and begin to realize that they are not “weak sex” “: that they can, for example, play sports and study technical sciences,” says Schwei.

According to her observations, mostly young women under the age of 30 now come to feminism. They learn about the problems related to gender imbalance through social networks and are ready to express their civic position more actively.

The fact that feminism is becoming a popular topic is evidenced by the growing popularity of the public “Feminism: Visually”. It seems to me that our success is primarily due to the fact that several people work on content every day. We understand that feminism is still an ideology that many people are negative about, and we just create content for women: we do not strive for popularity, and to make the public effective, “adds Seamstress.

“Feminism is not needed” is the most innocuous thing they write to me

The creator of the public “Feminism: Visually” agrees with her. Anna Ivanova. She is convinced that feminist blogs are not about success, but about the desire to be active, to understand gender issues, the opportunity to enjoy work and the ability to calmly treat aggression against you. Although feminism is becoming more popular, aggression from public visitors, especially men, is still high.

Up to 20-30 people have to be banned every day. Sometimes unpleasant things are written in telegrams directly in personal messages. “Feminism is not needed” is the most innocuous thing I have to read. More often they write something like “or“ Your mother is a whore, ”men can send more photos of a member with the words“ suck. ”Sometimes they want me to be raped or to die,” says Anna. to react, because they are all written like a copier. After reading them, I want to engage in femactivism even more, so if the purpose of these messages is to upset me, their authors clearly do not succeed in their goal. “

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