You won’t believe what Hyun from Stray Kids will do to keep from leaving his room

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Honestly… It’s still pretty relative.

In the last episode of the YouTube reality show Stray Kids «2 Kids Room»Participants Chanbin and Hyunjin teamed up to talk, while other members watched from behind the screen and added their own thoughts. During the conversation Chanbin and Hyunjin focused on their types MBTIdiscussing different styles of travel and life.

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Type MBTI ChanbinaENFP. ENFP are known as “fighters / activists». They tend to have a lot of energy that they focus on hope and kindness towards others.

While MBTI HyunINFP. INFP is known as “intermediaries / dreamers». They are usually quieter, but very creative and passionate.

Based on this, it is clear when the two discuss how they live in their new dormitory, where participants have their own rooms, that Chanbin and Hyunjin completely different. Chanbin prefers to spend time in the common area, enjoying the company of his members, going to his room just to sleep.

He even uses a computer in the common room, though, as he points out Hyunjinhe has two monitors in the room, and the chair in the common room is not so comfortable.

But Chanbin prefers the inconvenience of loneliness. And he even admitted that when he is in his room not to sleep, he leaves the door open to see what the others are doing.

At the same time, Hyunjin on the contrary, he admits that he does not like to leave his room, preferring to spend time alone.

He spends time at home thinking about what he is going to do, not who he is going to spend time with. Thinking about creative pursuits, such as what he can draw or what music he wants to listen to.

Hyunjin he even goes so far as to plan which of his four candles he wants to light that day.

And although next to the room Hyun there’s a bathroom where he can draw water, not to mention a kitchen in a dorm that’s not too far away, Hyunjin recognizes that in order to leave your room as little as possible…

… He bought water bottles to keep in his room. Chanbin confessed that when he saw that Hyunjin keeps water bottles, he thought Hyunjin «went crazy».

Then Chanbin asks Hyunwhether he understands what a lonely life he leads, if he doesn’t even leave his room to get water.

He even compares propensity Hyun to introversion with his own song «Streetlight».

«Streetlight ”is an emotional song that expresses the need to hide yourself from others, to feel lonely because you cannot express yourself or your true feelings. You can handle everything yourself.

And although it is a comforting song for many fans who are grateful Changbin for her release because she helps show them that they are not alone, Hyunjindoesn’t seem to mind comparing his life to the sad situation in the song. Saying he likes “chew loneliness in [своей] room».

For what Chanbin he cleverly objects that he should chew gum instead.

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