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The history of Soviet cinema began in 1914, when the oldest domestic film studio “Lenfilm” was founded.

The first picture – an agitator called “Seal” – was published in 1918. Since then, the film studio has produced many famous films, including “Cinderella” (1947) starring Janina Jeimo, “Maxim Quail” (1955) and “Winter Cherry” (1985). In 1919, the Odessa Film Studio was recognized as a state, resulting from the merger of three private film factories. Because it is located on the shores of the Black Sea, directors often turned to the marine genre – only in the 1930s were made here the films “Mysterious Island”, “Tanker Derbent” and “Sailor’s Daughter”. Another famous film studio – “Mosfilm” – was born a few years later than “Odessa Film Studio”, in 1924. It was here that such legendary paintings as The Ballad of the Soldier (1959), The Caucasian Captive, or Shurik’s New Adventures (1966), The Ordinary Miracle (1978) and many others were shot.

Even if you are not thoroughly acquainted with the history of Soviet cinema, take our test – it contains questions on the most popular films released in the USSR.

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