You will be amazed to learn where these 15 actors keep their awards

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For some strange reason, these actors do not exhibit their awards in the usual places in their homes. Take a look at 15 celebrities who keep their awards in very strange places:

1. The Oscar that Kate Winslet received for her role as Hannah Schmitz in The Reader is kept in her bathroom. She explained, “The whole point is that everyone can take it and say, ‘I want to thank my son and my father’ – and you can always tell when someone did it.”

2. Shortly after Jamie Foxx won the Oscar, he gave the award to his manager because he didn’t want the award to make him dizzy.

3. When Richard Dreyfus won the Oscar in 1978, he had just moved to New York. Fearing to leave the award unattended while his apartment was being renovated, he wrapped it in a plain brown wrapper and took it to the Brooklyn subway, where he played in the Julius Caesar Theater.

4. Nicole Kidman decided to keep two of her Emmy Awards in her daughters’ bedrooms and told them, “They’re yours.” She said her daughter said on Sunday that she did not want them and told her mother that one day she would earn her own.

5. For many years, Kevin Costner kept two Oscars, which he received for best picture and best director for his work in “Dancing with Wolves”, in a box for underwear. He didn’t want anyone to steal them if they broke into his house.

6. Even Emma Thompson keeps her two Oscars in the bathroom.

7. When Anna Paquin received her Oscar at the age of 11, she kept it in a closet next to her shoes so people wouldn’t call her a braggart.

8. Emma Stone won her Oscar for Best Actress for Mia Dolan in “La La Land” to her mother because she found it “a little strange” to show it in her own home.

9. When Zendaya left for Atlanta to shoot Spider-Man: No Way Home, she left her 2020 Emmy to her mother in Los Angeles due to a busy schedule. Her mother kept the award for several months before Zendaya took her home.

10. The star of “Magnificent Mrs. Meisel” Rachel Brosnahan has found the only place to store her Emmy and Golden Globe awards in her cramped New York apartment.

11. Natalie Portman admits that she keeps her “Oscar” in such random places that she has already forgotten where it is stored in her house. She hadn’t seen him in a long time.

13. Susan Sarandon keeps all her awards (including the Oscars) in her bathroom.

14. Cate Blanchett presented her first Academy Award, which she received in 2004 for Best Supporting Actress in Aviator, to an exhibition at the Australian Center for Motion Picture Imaging in Melbourne. She kept the second prize.

15. Viola Davis wanted to keep her Oscars, Emmys and Tony Awards in the garage to be more modest. However, she currently keeps them in the office she shares with her husband, Julius Tennon.

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