“You can’t give up”: what the composer – prodigy Carrie Galaxy said before her death

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Karina died in tragic circumstances. Photo:

Karina Galaktionova died in Novosibirsk – a talented singer who joined the German label when she was only 17 years old. The girl managed to record more than 30 songs, make friends with foreign musicians and even become famous in cinema – her composition became the soundtrack to the Hollywood movie “Dragon Warrior 2”. The young singer looked like a prodigy – she took medals in wushu, taught two languages ​​and wrote lyrics and music for several instruments. Karina was just 18 years old, her death shocked her family and friends.

Karina gave her last interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda shortly before her death. She spoke candidly about her experiences and dreams. In memory of the talented girl KP-Novosibirsk publishes the most touching excerpts from the conversation.


Karina Galaktionova started singing at the age of 3.5, then engaged in vocals and guitar. At the same time she won medals at wushu competitions, taught English and performed on the stage of the Red Torch and the Novosibirsk Philharmonic. After graduating from high school №168 and music school №29, Karina entered the Novosibirsk Music College named after Murov. She managed to release more than 30 songs, performed them in English.

– I posted a few songs on Facebook in the form of a music video with a cover. Foreign listeners appeared, began to write comments, to respond. Interested in voice and creativity. There were proposals from artists to do something together. Many have music, but no vocalist or lyricist. This is very much lacking for most musicians – they are multi-instrumentalists, but they do not have the guts to write songs, – said “KP-Novosibirsk” Karina Galaktionova.

A year ago, Karina appeared on Lance Britt’s American TV show about talented teenagers. After the song in memory of the fire in “Notre Dame de Paris” Siberian wrote a famous French musician Jean-Pierre Greshet. And a clip with wushu elements for the song Warrior of the Light was noticed by Jackie Chan’s friend, former stuntman JJ Stomp – and included the song in his Hollywood movie. In 2021, 17-year-old Karina joined the German independent label Wolf Entertaiment, its director Helmut Wolf himself offered the girl a contract.

“What helps me write so much?” It’s about the internal resource. When a person feels the power around him – how much he can give to this world. How long he can last and how much he is capable of. Meditation and sports help many people. I have my own kind of meditation – I turn on the music on SoundCloud the night before bed to change it myself. And I draw – it immerses very much in such a state. And you fall asleep easier, and all the information is assimilated. Everything is easy, there is no anxiety, there is a cleansing and you can be open to new ideas, – said Karina Galaktionova.

In January, Karina released her first music video on a German label in the style of “Soviet Interstellar”. In it, Karina as a Soviet woman astronaut tries to save the planet, the song reminded listeners of the hits Depeche Mode. The next Cydonia video was released in late February. The young singer was full of ambition and did not even think to burn out:

– My strategy is very simple – to do what I do. What comes from within is what people need to hear. Because working on demand is a failure. How many in the same top charts or on the music radio. She is beautiful, she is listened to, she is twisted – but no one knows these performers, their names. But the famous artists – Adele and other idols, which are the foundation of world pop – they cling to the fact that they are unique. They are artists, they are personalities, they do what they can. And no one will make them steeper. So you have to do what really comes from within. And keep your style. Because the need to work is not to earn any views, no auditions, no name. And burn out, – said Karina Galaktionova.


The girl dreamed of writing a song for the World Hockey Championship in 2023, when it was still a question of holding competitions in Novosibirsk.

– I would like to lay the idea that we are always struggling with something. Life is a constant struggle, especially when it comes to sports – it is the most interesting idea that can be included in the song. Words needed to motivate athletes participating in championships and so on. That you can’t give up. It is necessary to be in a constant resource, tension. To move, to be in constant motion forward, – Karina Galaktionova told in interview to KP-Novosibirsk.

And she dreamed of reconciling teenagers and their parents.

– I am afraid that the whole problem of conflicts between teenagers and parents is that children do not understand – adults do everything for the good of the child. And the parent a priori wishes the child well. Children do not feel this. And because of this, many things are perceived by teenagers as strange, – said Karina.

Alas, this was not destined to come true: Karina died on March 4, but it became official only now.

“Karina had an unhappy love before she died,” the girl’s friends say briefly. And they clarify that she died under tragic circumstances (which ones are not disclosed for ethical reasons).

KP-Novosibirsk expresses its condolences to the family and friends of Karina Galaktionova.


Carrie Galaxy, a prodigy composer who wrote music for Hollywood movies, has died

The death of 18-year-old Karina Galaktionova is reported by her friends (more).


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