“You are judged by how you look, not by who you are”: how Marilyn Monroe changed herself for Hollywood

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To this day, her name is synonymous with Hollywood glamor and the perfect image of a blonde.

Monroe was born Norma Gene Baker when she was born in 1926.

In 1944, she worked in a factory, and it was there that she was discovered by photographer David Conover. Conover was commissioned to photograph working women, and Monroe caught his eye.

“She had curly ash-blond hair and her face was stained with mud. I took a picture of her and went on. Then I stopped, stunned. She was beautiful. “

This photo marked the beginning of Monroe’s career. In 1945 she quit her job at a factory and started a modeling business. Monroe was a natural beauty, but to become a star, she had to improve her appearance.

The Blue Book modeling agency with which she signed a contract convinced her to change her appearance, starting with her hair.

In 1946, Marilyn Monroe changed her hairstyle, but the transition from darker hair to her iconic platinum blonde was a gradual process. Sylvia Barnhart, who worked with Monroe, described her natural hair as “brown and curly.”

The first hair coloring procedure resulted in a reddish-brown hue, the famous platinum hue was obtained as a result of several other colors.

It is also said that Monroe underwent electrolysis of the hair growth line – a common procedure for celebrities, which was performed to change the hair growth line. In Monroe’s case, it was done to remove her “widow’s visor”, and it changed the shape of her face.

Monroe had pale skin that she wanted to keep. She once said, “I’m personally against tanning because I like to feel blonde in everything.” She used a hormonal face cream, as a result of which she developed fluffy peach-colored hairs on her cheeks. In Hollywood, the beautician wanted to remove them, but Monroe refused. “She said that when light falls on hairs, her face gets a soft glow, so she doesn’t need to be photographed through special lenses like other stars.”

In 2013, some of Marilyn Monroe’s medical records were put up for auction. According to Reuters, the lot consisted of six X-rays, as well as her medical history and some notes from her doctors. The X-rays were dated June 1962, a few months before her death, and the doctor was a famous Hollywood plastic surgeon named Michael Gurdin. In his notes, he mentioned a cartilage implant on the star’s chin, which was made in 1950 and began to resorb during her visit to him in 1962.

Monroe is rumored to have once heard the casting director call her a “chin-free miracle” that forced her to enlarge her chin with bovine cartilage. It is also reported that she underwent cosmetic surgery on the tip of her nose.

Monroe explained why she cared about her appearance. An autobiography published more than a decade after her death reads: “In Hollywood, a girl’s virtue is far less important than her hair. You are judged by how you look, not by who you are. ”

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