Yandex has expanded its offer of books under pressure from the FAS

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This week, a new format of advertising for bookstores in search of Yandex will be available to the entire audience of the service, a company representative told Vedomosti. As a result of the search for a literary work, along with an offer from Yandex itself, bookstore icons appeared nearby. Offers from Liters and MyBook (both part of Liters Group, of which Ozon is a shareholder), as well as Book24 (part of Exmo-AST Publishing House) are displayed, Vedomosti said.

Yandex itself offers free books from the Public Domain collection, as well as publications from the Vsenauka project.

The admission of competitors is designed to remove the claims of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to the service, said the interlocutor in “Yandex”. On April 13, the FAS announced that it had filed a lawsuit against Yandex after the company failed to comply with the service’s order to change the search delivery algorithm.

The reason for the order was a collective complaint against Yandex from Avito, Drom,,, Tsyan, 2GIS, ivi,, Wildberries and The claims were caused by special widgets in search of “Yandex”, which advertised only its own services. Qlean and HTML Academy later joined the complaint.

The result of the case in the FAS may be a reversible fine on the amount of revenue in the market. The maximum amount of fines for this and other processes will not exceed $ 60.5 million, or 4.377 billion rubles, Yandex warned in its report for the second quarter. Now the company is challenging the actions of the FAS in court.

Yandex began to introduce universal enriched answers in the search this summer. According to a company employee, they were tested by the HeadHunter service, and about 50 other companies also showed interest. “We are preparing to launch an updated service with partners who are among the applicants [в ФАС]He added. He did not say what the companies were.

“Integration on the search page is free – the partner only needs to configure the transfer of information about the availability of the book and its value in the standard YML format,” said a representative of “Yandex”. – In the future, we are considering the possibility of selling books directly on the issue page. In this case, commercial terms will be discussed separately with partners. “

The first steps in creating a joint project with Yandex, which allows users to offer digital books through answers in search results, were made in the spring of 2018, Sergei Anuryev, CEO of Liters, told Vedomosti: “The idea arose during the communication between teams. There were no such cases then, so the task seemed interesting and ambitious. If we talk about the financial side of the issue, at the moment it is cooperation on a non-profit basis. In the future, we expect that the financial conditions will be transparent and uniform for the entire market. “

In cooperation with Yandex, the store’s business model remains the same, Anuryev explains. “A user who sees the answer in the search results, through the transaction buys a book or a subscription to” Liters “or purchases a subscription to MyBook. If our cooperation with Yandex in the future will move to the commercial plane, the most appropriate model here will be the pay-per-action (CPA) model. “

According to Anuryev, at the moment, Yandex accounts for about 25% of buyers who visit the sites of Liters Group from organic search engines.

A representative of Exmo-AST told Vedomosti that Yandex had offered to participate in creating enriched answers. According to him, Google, if you search for a book in it, provides advanced search results, but it is still not a similar format, as there are no offers to read or buy a book in the search results.

“It is too early to talk about concrete results [тестирования] cooperation with Yandex, the new format has just started, – said a representative of the publishing house. “We are excited about the new opportunity to increase the audience of our services.” Most of the representatives of the applicant companies in the FAS did not answer Vedomosti’s questions.

According to Dmitry Gavrilenko, executive director of the IT Coalition (unites Avito, Drom,, Tsian, ivi,, Zoon and 2GIS),

“Yandex has not yet offered a solution that would suit the entire market:” What Yandex offers looks like a favorable format for Yandex in the first place: companies give data about their users, Yandex monetizes them. ” According to Gavrilenko, all members of the coalition agreed that it is possible to conduct technical tests without connecting full functionality in the form of “Ya. Pay”, “Yandex ID” or “Ya. Metrika”, and one company is really doing it: What remains unresolved for all is what the general industry conditions will be. ”

Yandex did not make any commercial proposals on the use of the enriched delivery system, HTML Academy Development Director Alexei Simonenko told Vedomosti: consumer and possibly market competition. ”

The decision proposed by Yandex may affect the course of consideration of the FAS case, according to lawyers interviewed by Vedomosti. Opening access to the tools of enriched answers to an unlimited number of people may have a positive effect on the decision of the antitrust authority, says managing partner of the law firm “Ickert and Partners” Pavel Ickert: “Technically, Yandex eliminated of the corresponding instruction “.

“From a formal point of view, if the FAS considers during the trial that Yandex has eliminated the violation, it will still be considered that this violation was at the time the case was initiated and was not eliminated voluntarily on the basis of an antitrust warning. So, it is possible to bring Yandex to justice, ”said lawyer Alena Bachinskaya, an adviser at S&K Vertical. She suggested that Yandex would refer to its actions, as well as to the use of its tool – enriched answers – by other large companies, when considering the case, and these facts will be assessed by the FAS in making a decision.

Bachinskaya allows the conclusion of a settlement agreement between the FAS and Yandex in court, taking into account the actual elimination of violations.

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