Yakubovich does not consider Alla Pugacheva a great actress

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The hero of the new issue of the YouTube show “Antonyms” was TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich, who spoke flatteringly about Alla Pugacheva, but still refused to call her great.

According to him, Alla Borisovna is a wonderful Russian actress, in a sense a great singer who gave birth to the genre. She made whole roles out of some of her little couplets. So, for example, it was when Pugacheva performed “The Real Colonel” or “Hey you, up there.”

“A wonderful actress. Let’s choose the word “great” for something else. Only time will tell. Wonderful, yes. Well, try to compare it with someone. Even the attitude of the viewer to it. The Russian people perceive it very well, “Leonid Yakubovich said.

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