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Yakovleva’s husband was shocked by the confession of his son-freak

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The actor did not demand that his heir get rid of the tattoo.

The son of the famous actress Elena Yakovleva Denis has repeatedly participated in various talk shows, where he talked about his many tattoos. Virtually the entire body of the stellar heir, including the face, is covered with a variety of patterns.

Earlier, the actress admitted to fans that Denis’s fascination with tattoos shocked her a lot. Nevertheless, the star could not influence her child. Recently, Elena’s husband Valery Shalnykh was shocked by the confession about his son-freak.

The actor of “Sovremennik” emphasized that Denis himself regretted that he had done so many tattoos, and even decided to get rid of them. However, he did not achieve the desired result, which, however, his parents were not surprised.

“It’s so painful and boring that we told Denis that we shouldn’t do it,” Shalnykh said as part of the “You Won’t Believe It!” Program, adding that he and his wife followed their son’s example and also got a tattoo.

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