Writer Oleg Roy presented his new series of children’s books “Super Meow”

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On March 27, writer Oleg Roy held a meeting for young readers and their parents at the AP Gaidar Central Children’s Library as part of the annual All-Russian Children’s Book Week.

The event was dedicated to the author’s new children’s book series – “Super Meow”, created based on the plots of the eponymous cartoon by Oleg Roy, which is currently very successful on the channel “Carousel” and various online platforms.

Roy also talked about his other book series and projects – the popular and already beloved “Jingleki” and “Drakoshe Toshe” and completely new – “The Magic Shop of Autumn” and “The Shmyak Bear Show”. And as a special guest, together with the author, a charming teddy bear Misha Shmyak came to the children, with whom everyone was able to take a photo for memory.

In addition to the presentation of books and answers to questions from young fans, Oleg Roy showed the children two premieres – one of the episodes of the animated series “Super Meow” and the first issue of his new project “Shmyak Bear Show”, which was created in a unique Russian format for children. , where in the frame the author himself, in bright scenery and with the direct participation of the main character – a puppet of a teddy bear Shmyak, reads his stories to the audience.

And at the end of the meeting, in addition to positive emotions, photos and memorable autographs, Oleg Roy presented new books from the series “Super Meow” to all those who asked the author their questions during the meeting.

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