Writer Catherine Poates: I wrote my best books in a few days Literature

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In October of this year, Pauts published a new crime novel, The Külmkingauurija. The book tells the story of the hero of the folklore of the ancient Estonians – Kulmking – a spirit who did not find rest after death and roams the earth in search of victims.

“It’s a terrible spirit that roams the islands of Estonia,” Pauts explained, noting that mythology or folklore has always been important in her books.

The writer said that ideas for writing a new book come to her easily and spontaneously. According to her, there was a contract with the publishing house, but nothing had been written two weeks before the deadline.

Pauts noted that she had written the best books in just a few days. “I can’t do anything in parts.”

According to the writer, the most exciting thing about writing books is that she can’t predict what her story will lead to. “I don’t think it would be a very exciting story if I knew the end in advance,” Pauts said.

The writer said that she was interested in interpersonal relationships, especially conflicts that arise between people. “I think that there is aggression and anger in each of us. Some people somehow easily express their anger, others restrain their feelings,” – the writer is interested in those moments when a person crosses the line and decides to physically harm someone.

Pauts said that living in Estonia is not easy for writers. Of course, it all depends on many factors. She received 2,400 euros for her recently published novel, The Researcher of Kulming. “It’s quite a fee for Estonia,” Pauts said.

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