World collection of “Batman” exceeded $ 248 million and bypassed the box office of the “Dark Knight” – Gazeta.Ru

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07 March 2022, 14:04

Matt Reeves raised about $ 128 million in the first weekend of the Batman movie rental in the United States and $ 248 million worldwide, according to Deadline.

It was the best start to a Hollywood movie in 2022.

It is known that Matt Reeves’ picture surpassed the box office of another film about Batman, “The Dark Knight” by 45%, and lost to the “Dark Knight: Rebirth of a Legend” by 8%.

General collection of “Batman” in home rental steel the second after the results of the box office film of the pandemic – “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

There are currently several spin-offs in production, including a series about the Penguin, Batman’s opponent.

It is known that American film studios have begun to refuse to rent their films in Russia. In particular, Warner Bros. canceled the release of “Batman” in Russian cinemas the day before the official premiere, and the streaming service Netflix refused to broadcast 20 Russian federal channels.

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