“With an outstretched hand will not go”

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The journalist repented of her mistakes.

Ksenia Sobchak complained that her future is uncertain now, and she cannot predict what will happen to her tomorrow. The famous presenter admitted that she always put work first and planned to rest “sometime later”.

“It was a mistake,” laments the celebrity on social media, who lost the opportunity to grow her business and travel abroad regularly. However, few of the subscribers expressed their sympathy for Sobchak. On the contrary, a barrage of negativity and scathing comments fell on her.

“With an outstretched hand will not go”, “You write as if life is over”, “Funny to read. Why be so poor? ”Internet users are indignant.

In addition, the fact that the journalist and her son decided to spend their holidays in Turkey in early March added fuel to the fire. And then she flew to Israel, where her husband Konstantin Bogomolov was already waiting for her.

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