WINNER’s son-in-law told who, k-pop idols, he has a chance to get married

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Recently, on February 23, a member of the group WINNER Synhun posted a new post on his Twitter account that surprised his fans, known as Inner Circle. All because instead of a banal tweet, the artist presented the result of a test he took online.

The test, which was called “A male k-pop idol who has at least a one percent chance of marrying you“, Amused fans not only by the fact that the related tweet seemed very unexpected, but also by the fact that Synhun generally passed a similar test.

According to him, the result Synhun showed that he has whole “four percent chance of getting married Marche from NCT».

In response, the artist accompanied his tweet with the words: “Well… it doesn’t look like there’s no chance at all».

I saw the post Synhunnumerous Inner Circles and k-pop fans couldn’t help but laugh at his answer and the test he passed, especially since it was posted on his official Twitter account.

And this is only a small part of the comments under the growing tweet:

«Why so funny… It completely made my day»

«Haha, why did he pass this test at all?»

«Is there a four percent chance? Guys, this can really happen. Let’s just wait and see»

«In general, his entire account looks like a fan account»

«You’ve ever looked at Synghun and wondered what was going on in his head»

Of course, almost everyone loves it Brand from NCTespecially NCTzensa fandom of the group, who did not stay aside and left their comments on the page Synhun. And first of all, they advised the idol to “stand in line”, because thousands of them are also eager for this opportunity!

Some fans have also expressed joy over this “little interaction” and hope that one day the two idols will meet each other and maybe cooperate!

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