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Check how well you are familiar with domestic cinema.

Soviet and Russian cinema has presented the world with a whole galaxy of beautiful films, many of which have won significant awards. Domestic films have won six Oscars, the main award in the field of cinema. For the first time this award was given to the documentary “The Defeat of German Troops near Moscow”, made in 1942 by Leonid Varlamov and Ilya Kopalin. And the first feature film to be awarded an Oscar was, of course, Sergei Bondarchuk’s epic War and Peace. The rental copy, which was shown in US cinemas, lasted 6 hours and 13 minutes, so it was shown with an intermission. During the two and a half hour break, the audience had time to discuss and analyze what they saw, and then could continue watching. It was not easy to get to the premiere of “War and Peace” in the United States – a ticket costs $ 125, and further screenings could be visited at a price of 5.5 to 7.5 dollars. It was an absolute record for that time.

And will you be able to set a record by answering all the questions of our film test correctly? Go through it and share your results in the comments!

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