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Will the family disapprove? The sister refused to honor the memory of the late Friske

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The celebrity does not want to name his daughter after his sister.

Natalia Friske decided not to hide her pregnancy anymore. Recently, the celebrity admitted that in April this year she will become a mother for the first time. After that, the public asked two questions: who is the father and what is the sex of the future baby?

Jeanne Friske’s sister did not intrigue and honestly said that she broke up with the baby’s father when she was three months pregnant. The girl explained her decision by the fact that her lover was not “her man”. As for the sex of the firstborn, Natalia said that she would have a girl.

Then fans wondered what the relative of the now deceased ex-soloist of “Brilliant” will call her baby. Many thought that she would like to honor the memory of her sister, which means that her daughter will be Jeanne. However, Natalia refuted these speculations, noting in the show “The stars came together»On NTV, which chose a different name. Now Internet users are speculating that Friske might not mind her heiress being named after the singer, but the family did not approve.

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