Will Smith’s “cancellation” began in Hollywood

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In one movement, the great actor nailed not only Chris Rock, but also his own career.

The Oscar scandal has already ruined Will Smith’s life for years to come. The preventive exit of the “Bad Guys” star from the American Film Academy did not help him – now he has lost roles in two major projects.

In the movie Fast and Loose from Netflix, Will Smith had to play a man who lost his memory. He turns out to be both a bandit millionaire and an undercover CIA agent trying to figure out how to “live this life.” A week before the Oscars, the film was left without a director, and now THR reported that production of the film was suspended due to Smith.

And on April 2, it became known that Sony is stopping the shooting of the fourth part of the same “Bad Guys”, despite the fact that Will Smith received 40 pages of script on the eve of the ill-fated “Oscar”.

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