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In Smith’s career – a few dozen works, from feature and documentary films to the soundtrack of cartoons. It is probably possible to go through this array in the format “from best to worst”, but why? I decided to run through those works where Smith’s characters mostly do not kill or joke, but fail and seek their place in life.

The Enemy of the State (1998)

A simple labor lawyer is drawn into a history of criminal corruption involving the US Congress, organized crime groups and his ex. Absolutely paranoid work, which demonstrates the full power of technology (98 years) to find and catch dissenters.

The hero has nowhere to run, no one to believe, every camera on every pillar is watching him, every word is heard by Comrade Major loudly and clearly, friend = enemy, and even thinking about yourself is dangerous, because you are the enemy of the state. And this would inspire a feeling of uneasiness in the viewer even today, if not for the harsh reality with the laws on fakes, traitors on Twitter and mops in prisons.

The Legend of Excavator Vance, 2000

Once a hopeful but now heavy drinker (young Damon) receives an offer to take part in the tournament. But he is not up to tournaments, because he is at the bottom of his life and is experiencing emotional trauma. The mysterious Excavator Vance (Smith) will help him rise from this bottom – a mentor and coach, under whose guidance the hero will first regain his athletic talent, and with it – the will to live.

One of the many tearful melodramatic pictures that Smith’s career is full of, but which is overshadowed by different (genius) “Bad Guys” and “I, the Legend”. A textbook, archetypal, but no less touching story of overcoming oneself and conquering any difficulties, told through the same textbook and tearful metaphor – sport.

In pursuit of happiness, 2006

The unfortunate businessman goes bankrupt and finds himself on the street with his young son. Without a home, without a car, without a wife, without a horizon – with one phantom prospect of one day becoming a stockbroker. Someday, of course, he will get rich and show everyone, but for now he has to spend the night with the child in orphanages and eat in a charity canteen.

Another textbook and archetypal story of success and the American dream, which – contrary to its predictability – works. Mainly thanks to the replay of Smith and his (real and on screen) son Jaden. About whose relationship it is time to write a separate text: Will Smith seems to be the most loving father in Hollywood, who for decades persistently dragged Jaden to the big screen. Jaden didn’t linger on the big screen, but Dad wasn’t to blame – Dad tried.

Seven Lives, 2008

And another dramatic story, this time no rise – this time redemption. Tim Thomas caused a terrible accident in which seven people died. And for the rest of his life he atones for these sins, naturally giving his organs to the needy, helping the needy and living according to conscience.

There is enough symbolism and archetypes here as well (seven good deeds as a mirror antithesis to the seven deadly sins), but the optimism and bravado of the “Pursuit of Happiness” are not in sight. There is an existential doom on the way to the expected finale. And no American dream.

After our era, 2013

The distant future, a cargo ship is wrecked on a planet that was once Earth. On earth, it, in fact, remains, just rolled back to the antediluvian state with aggressive flora and fauna and without a trace of intelligent man. A young pilot named China (Jaden Smith) has to break through all this and give a distress signal, and the co-pilot (Smith Sr.) has to just survive until the final titles. The task of the first is complicated by different saber-toothed cats, the second – broken legs in two places.

The benefit and triumph of Smith’s father – and his failure as an actor. Throughout the film, Smith’s character lies and suffers, while his son is in the lead roles. And then it becomes a little clear why Jaden’s career did not go anywhere, and the film failed in the box office. An apple falls from an apple tree only in proverbs, but in real life it is different. Perhaps that is why Smith himself played both roles in subsequent father-son works (Gemini).

Bonus track

I can’t help but add on the subject of “Will Smith is the best father in Hollywood.” If I am asked, “and what it is – to be the father of the guy“, I’ll just include” Just the two of us “, because no one has said or expressed better yet. Smith, in my opinion, after this song, in principle, could do nothing more – and remain absolutely great. Even without any Oscars.

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