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Will Buzova, Volochkova and other stars raise prices for their concerts?

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Katya Lel, Anita Tsoi, Anastasia Volochkova, Anna Semenovich, Olga Buzova told about their immediate plans.

Will Buzova, Volochkova and other stars raise prices for their concerts? Photo: social networks

We are already used to the fact that prices are constantly rising. More expensive products in stores, gasoline, concert tickets. One of the first cost of his performances increased Lolita Miliavskaya. Tickets for her concert became more expensive, and the singer herself explained it this way:

“You will be surprised now! The biggest expense is the flight. When you fly, you have an overload – these are not personal things. As a rule, everyone flies with very small handbags, which include pants and spare socks. Next – tools. Everyone plays on their own. And our airlines have doubled their transportation. “

In addition to flights, pricing is influenced by the cost of advertising, rent, payment for hotel rooms – for all this, ultimately, the viewer pays. learned whether they would reconsider the economics of their speeches Anita Tsoi, Anastasia Volochkova, Anna Semenovich, Olga Buzova and Katya Lel.

Anita Tsoi, singer

Anita Tsoi has decided not to raise her fee, so fans may not worry. In addition, the artist is preparing to give several charity concerts.

She invited many medical workers to her show “Fifth Ocean” in Ekaterinburg and Kazan. The other day she performed for free for the staff and patients of the Rosguard Hospital in honor of their professional holiday. Now we are all in the same situation and I think it is not correct to raise the fees for the performance, ”the singer shared.

Anita Tsoi
Anita Tsoi. Photo: personal archive

Anastasia Volochkova, ballerina

For Anastasia Volochkova, the question of ticket prices has not been a question for a long time, all her performances are free.

“I don’t make money with my concert programs and performances. I have been running all my projects on a charitable basis since the crisis began. And he is kind of unceasing to us.

Today, many people are faced with a choice: to buy bread, pay for utilities or buy a ticket to the performance of the artist.

While many are raising prices, I’m not selling anything at all. All come for free.

God gave me talent and diligence without asking for money. Therefore, I give it to people, no matter how difficult times come.

I have not only free concerts, but also a stretching course. And I just teach everyone free stretching, help strengthen health. Today is a time when everyone should unite and be human, ”the ballerina concluded.

Anastasia Volochkova
Anastasia Volochkova. Photo: personal archive

Anna Semenovich, singer

Anna Semenovich will have a solo concert on April 15 at the club “16 tons”, ticket prices remained at pre-crisis levels.

“No, I did not raise anything. And for her solo concert, which will take place on April 15 in Moscow at the club “16 tons”, set the minimum ticket prices. I just want to meet the audience, give them a good mood, support them with their songs. To do this, we artists work, and the audience should have the opportunity to come to the performance and spend a good evening, “said Anna.

Anna Semenovich
Anna Semenovich. Photo: personal archive

Anton Bogoslavsky, PR agent of Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova puts at the forefront not only creativity, but also accessibility for the audience.

“Olga spoke and stands for accessibility for the audience. This is very important to her, so no price increase is planned, ”Bogoslavsky concluded.

Olga Buzova
Photo: Ivan Makeev / KP

Irina Shabelnikova, director Katya Lel

Irina confirmed that the actress has a price tag, which has not been revised for several years.

“In the near future there will be no changes, as long as there are no such plans,” said Irina.

Katya Lel
Katya Lel. Photo: Global Look Press

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