Will actress Gon Hyo Jin and singer Kevin Oh get married this year? Agency response

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According to an exclusive report by Sports Chosun, the actress Gon Hyo Jin (41 years old) and singer Kevin O (31 years old) are in a relationship and are going to get married. The report says that Kevin O already made an offer Gon Hyo Jinand they inform their acquaintances about the upcoming wedding.

Although news that they are dating has never been made public, back in March 2020 Gon Hyo Jin shared a screenshot in her personal instagram, which shows that she is listening to one of the songs Kevin O.

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Her best friends in the industry, Son Dam B, Chon Ryo Won and Im Sumiis also believed to be close to Kevin O.

What is even more appropriate, yesterday Gon Hyo Jin caught the bride’s bouquet at the wedding Son E Jin and Hyun Bina!!

… However, despite all this, the actress’ agency denied the rumors.

It was confirmed that Gon Hyo Jin and Kevin O dating, but do not yet have plans to marry.

In an official statement SOOP management it was said:

«It is true that Gon Hyo Jin and Kevin O are in a relationship. However, they are not currently planning to get married.»

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