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“Cold Call” is a worthy mini-series of British television from Channel 5, which was lost in the background of louder projects. This is a dramatic thriller directed by Gareth Tanley (series “Virtuosos” 2004-2012). The show tells the fictional but frighteningly true story of a tormented single mother who falls victim to a telephone scam.

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Cold Call

Release year: 2019

Genre: drama

Viewing time: 4 episodes – 3 hours

Where to watch: Okko, IVI


June Clark (Sally Lindsay) is barely making ends meet. During the day she works as a nurse in a nursing home, in the evening she takes care of her mother Sophie (Melanie Kilburn). When June is laid off and loses her job, her daughter Khan (Taj Atwal) suddenly informs her mother of her pregnancy. To secure a future for his grandson, June decides to sell the family home.

After receiving money from the sale of property, June receives a call from a call center unknown to her and becomes a victim of fraud. Fraudsters assure the woman that the money in her account is in danger, and ask her to transfer her savings to another account. June believes in them unconditionally, and soon loses a huge sum.

When June realizes that she has been deceived, she turns to a support group for people who find themselves in a similar situation. At the next meeting, she meets Desa’s former classmate (Daniel Ryan). The guy offers June to track down the scammers who ruined her.

Soon, Desu manages to find the head of a fraudulent empire – a successful and respected businessman Kirk Wiley (Paul Higgins). It turns out that Kirk just needs a nurse for his elderly mother. June has a chance to take revenge.

What is remembered

After watching the trailer, it feels like we have a Hollywood horror movie. The series of gloomy shots looks really scary and strange. But in fact, “Cold Call” is not a mystical thriller, but a real story about the victims of telephone scams.

The Cold Call shows the entire interior kitchen of telephone robbery schemes. The creators have a rather intense plot, in which there are many realistic situations that are terrifying – how large is this terrible business. The actions of the main character can be justified only by her inexperience, despair and desire to protect her family. However, the image of June from the beginning is sympathetic and does not let go of the screen.

Sally Lindsay, who played June, shared impressions that overwhelmed her while working on the series: “The most shocking was how detailed the creators reveal the process of telephone fraud. Such situations happen to ordinary people all the time, and we haven’t seen this on screens before. You can meet a victim of fraud every day, at work or in the store. That’s what’s shocking. These amazing things happen to ordinary people. “

The series was shot with minimal special effects, the story of “Cold Call” is well inscribed in real life. The main question that keeps the viewer in suspense throughout the series – will June, an ordinary woman, be able to beat the attackers and get their money back, or is it better not to get involved in the dangerous world of organized crime?

The finale can hardly be considered a happy ending, although for the main character and her daughter, everything ends on a positive note. But the essence of this dramatic thriller is much deeper – the series makes you think about how many more people may suffer from telephone crimes.

The Cold Call is a psychological thriller that tells the story of how far a desperate woman can go to protect her family, get her savings back in a phone scam, and avenge her offenders.

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