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Maria Zubareva passed away at the peak of her career.

Actress Maria Zubareva could celebrate her 60th birthday on February 24. The star of the series “Return of Budulai” and “Little Things of Life” died on November 23, 1993. She was only 31. What was the reason for the early departure of the beautiful actress?

Maria Zubareva was born in Moscow. The future celebrity grew up in an atmosphere of creativity – her father was an actor and author of children’s books, and her mother served as a director on television. From an early age, Zubareva gravitated to the craft of acting, but her parents did not support her in this matter. To please the adults, Maria decided to try herself in another business – she started studying at the School of Young Journalists, and then decided to go to the appropriate university.

Everything changed in one day. One day Zubarev’s father was visited by friends who worked at the Schukin School. The pope’s friends advised Maria to try her luck in the theater, which she did. A few months later, the girl studied at the “Pike”.

The first serious feelings came to the actress during her student days. Maria Zubareva fell in love with her classmate Boris Kiner and hurried to the wreath. Later, the couple had a child – daughter Anna. The marriage of the actress and the future famous composer did not work out. It is rumored that Keener could not forgive his wife for a rapid career rise. Maria was left alone with the child in her arms. The actress’ parents had to take care of little Anna.

Zubareva started with small roles in the films “The Third in the Fifth Row”, “Partings”, “Return of Budulai”, where she played the protagonist’s lover. The fame of the actress came thanks to the film “Muzzle”.

In addition, Zubareva successfully worked on the stage of the Moscow Drama Theater. Pushkin. The actress shone in the productions of Roman Viktyuk’s “M. Butterfly” and “Blaze”.

After the divorce, Maria Zubareva made another attempt to arrange her personal life. Another classmate, Igor Shavlak, began to take care of the actress. As it turned out, Shavlak had been secretly in love with Zubarev for a long time. When the man learned that Maria had separated from her husband, he immediately “went on the offensive.”

As a result, Zubareva and Shavlak signed. The family idyll did not last long – the actress learned of her husband’s infidelity. Maria could not forgive the betrayal.

Maria Zubareva did not have time to get depressed because of the turmoil in her personal life. The actress was offered the lead role in a very ambitious project – the series “Little Things in Life”. The film lasted two years. The role of teacher Maria Kuznetsova made the artist a big star. During this time, the personal life of the celebrity has improved. Maria married and gave birth to twins Roman and Elizabeth.

After the decree, Zubareva planned to return to the “Little Things of Life”, but she did not succeed. Maria began to have health problems. The actress was rapidly losing weight, she periodically fainted. Maria Zubareva turned to doctors, who made a disappointing diagnosis. The star of the domestic screen had an inoperable form of cancer. The disease was in its final stages.

The disease progressed rapidly. Zubareva burned before her eyes. At the end of the autumn of 1993, the star of “Little Things of Life” passed away. She was buried in the capital’s Vvedensky cemetery.

According to rumors, Maria Zubareva’s three children were placed in the care of their grandparents. The theater helped the orphaned children. A gathering was organized for the children. The amount turned out to be impressive. Unfortunately, the heirs of the artist did not use the money – due to the default funds “burned” in the bank. Now there is no information about the fate of Zubareva’s son and daughters.


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