Why the role in “Poor Nastya” became a curse for Elena Korikova

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And rightly so: white curls, sharpened facial features, a perfect figure – all this drove hundreds of thousands of men crazy and made millions of women die of envy. It would seem that the actress, who woke up famous after the release of the historical series “Poor Nastya” 19 years ago, should become a superstar.

She was filmed in videos by Alla Pugacheva, Valery Leontiev and other celebrities, on the wave of popularity Elena even moved to New York – Hollywood was two steps away. But the rapidly developing career just as sharply rolled down the hill. What prevented Korikova, who celebrates her 50th birthday on April 12, from becoming an outstanding artist?


The series
The series “Poor Nastya” became for Elena (in the frame with Daniil Strakhov) both a triumph and a curse. Photo: frame from the series

Ironically, the “funeral” project for Korikova was the “Poor Nastya” who made her famous, in which, let us remind you, she played a serf with a not at all “serf” appearance and talents. Yes, this costume melodrama made Elena a favorite of the audience, but at the same time repelled the directors. Just think: the actress has not played a single really significant role after this series!

Whether the black mark of “seriality” or star disease prevented Korikova from developing success, but in Russia she has not been seriously filmed anywhere. The peak of the actress’ creative achievements were several mediocre soap operas. In 2012 – ten years ago! – Korikova played a small role in the relatively successful film almanac “Mama”. And she looked absolutely brilliant in her 40s! But then it started…

The actress had no more than a couple of projects a year. And the further away, the more clearly it was clear that the make-up artists have to work very hard to hide the traces of fatigue under Elena’s eyes. With the loss of charm and luster of youth, energy also left. The actress looked exhausted either by illness, or failed personal life (two official husbands, two civilians), or bad habits.

Over the past five years, Korikova has starred in three unknown projects. To earn money, the actress traveled around the country with enterprise performances. Naturally, the once flawless beauty fell into the lens of the audience’s smartphones, and particularly unsuccessful shots of the actress immediately became a sensation on the Internet.

– These shots were taken after a rather emotionally complex performance, – Elena apologized after another shot leaked to the network, which showed her not in the best shape. – In this state, the fans saw me when they asked me to take a photo for memory. Of course, I agreed, although I understood that they were filming on a regular phone, in a narrow corridor with poor lighting. I did not expect that this amateur photo would suddenly become a sensation. But I treat all this hype with irony…

“She needs real love”

Korikova now enjoys a serene life in Montenegro.  Photo: social networks
Korikova now enjoys a serene life in Montenegro. Photo: social networks

However, as you know, it is sometimes useful to reach the bottom to push away from it and start moving up. Elena raised a son Arseniy (he is now 28 years old), who was born in marriage to Dmitry Roshchin (the son of the famous artist Ekaterina Vasilieva now works as a priest and a father of many children – he has eight heirs), and realized that behind the scenes there is life. And there is no point in rushing to get married.

– Lena had many rich gentlemen, but she did not want to marry an oligarch, – said actor Sergei Astakhov, who lived for two years with Korikova in a civil marriage. “She needed real love.” She was ready to give everything to the man, but I couldn’t…

Sergei failed, but Elena may have succeeded. Yes, she stopped appearing at public events, on TV shows, rarely posts photos on social networks, but, as they say, recently Korikova found happiness. True love, which he cherishes so much that he does not reveal the identity of the narrow-minded person to anyone and under any circumstances. According to rumors, he is a high-ranking official who completely supports “poor Nastya”. Which now lives in a quiet and sunny Montenegro.

Not so long ago, the actress posted a photo on social media: she is sitting on a luxurious terrace, reading a magazine. In the text accompanying the photo, Korikova admitted that lately her passion is design.

“This is my hobby and, perhaps, my second job, as there are offers for help in decorating,” Elena wrote. – My friends have already exhibited their photos in my house, not to mention where they are, and it was nice to read enthusiastic reviews: “How beautiful you are!” After all, I did everything myself, with great love. I lead a rather closed lifestyle, but still decided to share my photos with subscribers on my terrace… »

In the rare photos from Montenegro published by the actress, she appears relaxed and carefree. And a ring adorns Korikova’s ring finger. We can say that, despite all the adversity, the actress (and now the designer) came to the half-century anniversary really happy.

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