why Peresild actually flew into space

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And she deftly came up with it, no one at first understood.

Julia Peresild is called the first actress-astronaut, and the film “Challenge” went down in history long before its premiere, the date of which has not yet been announced. But the reasons why the actress went into space can be quite ambiguous.

At least, the artists of the Lenkom Theater, who decided to publicly humiliate Peresild as part of the Nail of the Season award, are blindly convinced of this.

“Somewhere on the ISS, where it’s cold and dark, a beautiful girl Julia is going to the movies, five months of training, a budget of five billion, how difficult it has become in Russia to become a People’s Artist,” – say the artists from the stage.

By video from the group “Paragraph” it becomes clear that the idea of ​​allegedly selfish motives of Julia Peresild is supported by an impressive part of the audience – almost the whole hall greeted the humorous song with laughter and hooting, but in the comments humor was not appreciated, not forgetting to praise the actress’ courage:

“You’re fools, and Julia is good.”

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