Why Nurlan Saburov says nothing about Ukraine

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The answer came at a concert in Los Angeles – he was scared.

Nurlan Saburov briefly interrupted a concert in Los Angeles to to answer when asked from the audience, he was asked why he did not say anything about the events in Ukraine.

“First of all, I’m very sorry. I’m human. Yes, I’m a nit, I have a lot of minuses, but I’m not a moron – when I see these shots, I don’t think that’s right. Who are you doing to me?” He replied to the man from the hall with the flag of Ukraine.

After a while, the comedian began to shout from the hall again, the remark “If you pissed, say so.” Saburov replied: “Yes, it is, I have a family. You must understand that I also have my fears … No one owes you. I appreciate your emotions, but you should not devalue me.”

Meanwhile, the show “What Happened Next” has not been released since January.

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