Why Lucy Chebotina the sun of Monaco, participation in the Indian show and intrigue about the relationship with YurKiss

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On April 26, 1997, a loud girl named after Lyudmila Zykina was born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It is unlikely that Lucy Chebotina’s mother could have imagined that her daughter would really become a famous singer. And even more so, the relatives of the future star did not think that Lucy would one day be able to provide for the whole family.

The parents divorced when Chebotina was six and her older sister Lisa was 10. Two years later, her mother and daughters moved to Moscow. “Grandpa is gone, well, blame yourself. And my dad and I had a very bad relationship with my dad, so much so that we just ran away. Then he changed, became good, called us, helped as much as he could. I had a new family that didn’t want him to interfere, so my dad secretly paid my sister for my studies, and I knew that either I would go on a budget or I wouldn’t get anywhere at all, ”Lucy admitted.

Fortunately, now there is no need to worry about Chebotina’s well-being. How the singer realized her dream, why she was disappointed in musical talent shows and with whom she had novels – in our material.

Poverty and harassment

Alimony in the amount of five thousand rubles, the constant dismissal of his mother, who could not get a job as an accountant in the capital, the purchase of products exclusively on the stock – Chebotina envied his peers who lived richer.

The new school was badly received at the Moscow school: her classmates poisoned her. The singer saw the reason in the competition: her mother dressed Lucy in beautiful dresses, which attracted boys, but annoyed girls. The future star was torn by sweaters, teased for long corduroy outfits, and because of this bullying, our heroine later switched to jeans and T-shirts – it seemed safer to be a kid.

Lucy’s outlet was music school. Initially, the girl wanted to learn to play the piano, but eventually got to choral singing, where teachers noted that she had excellent data. Later, Chebotina graduated from the college’s pop and jazz department and received a teacher’s diploma, but in her youth she gained experience through working in karaoke: a 17-year-old girl lied that she was 18 to get into the club as a backing vocalist.

Lucy calls her mother a saint for a reason: the mother not only did everything to feed her daughters, but also supported them in every endeavor. The woman was not embarrassed by the younger heiress’s dreams of the stage, on the contrary – she found money for Chebotina’s participation in competitions when the family’s well-being was in a deplorable state.

“There was a hard black-and-black stripe, my father is dying here, his kingdom is heavenly, and I don’t even have five thousand a month.

At first, Chebotina tried out for the Russian “Voice”, but did not pass the selection, so she went to Kiev in 2015, where she performed the hit Chandelier by the Australian Sia. The girl overcame the stage of “blind auditions”, but did not make it to the finals. In the same 2015, Lucy got on the project “Main Stage”, which greatly disappointed her.

Let’s start with the fact that Chebotina prepared a cover for “The Hijacker” by Irina Allegrova, who was on the jury, but just a day before the performance, the organizers forced the contestant to change the song to “The boy was friends with the girl.” The song did not suit Luce in tone, and the lyrics had to be written in the palm of your hand, as there was almost no time to prepare. The actress felt that she was simply being merged, so after performing this track, she boldly told the show’s mentors that she really wanted to present Allegrova’s hit.

According to Lucy, the issue was edited as if she first sang “The Hijacker”, and the second number went to “The Boy with the Girl…” Allegrova herself praised the cover and thanked the contestant for not missing her hit. But Diana Arbenina noted that the young singer has awareness, but little experience.

“There are a lot of projects in Russia and the CIS countries that people perceive as a chance to break through. This is not the case, this is a music series, choose those people who can make a rating. A lot of talented guys do not even pass the qualifying round. This means that the audience just wants to get emotional, and the contestants are not warned about it, otherwise the emotions will not be real. Years later, I fully understand why I was so framed on this show: that a small child “filled” his eyes, cried, and he felt sorry for him. For everyone to criticize Arbenina and say what a beauty Allegrova praised; that it was discussed “, – the singer concluded.

A surge in popularity

Like Lucy, Klava Koku was rejected by the jury of the

Like Lucy, Klava Koku was rejected by the jury of the “Main Stage”, however, the blonde was also advised to sing at home in the kitchen, rather than perform in front of an audience

One jury of the “Main Stage” was not wrong: Arbenina noted that even if Lucy does not pass to the next round of the project, she clearly will not give up music. Chebotina began recording covers of famous hits and posting them on social media, increasing the audience of fans. In addition, the actress collaborated with Klava Koka, Egor Ship, and then with DONI, which made her recognizable.

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In 2017, the singer decided to participate in an Indian competition, where she performed compositions from Bollywood films: not for money or fame, but for new experiences and opportunities to get acquainted with the culture of another country. The same year there was a performance at the “New Wave”, which did not impress the girl – she was not allowed to choose the song and outfit, and when removing eyelash extensions, they accidentally got liquid to remove the eyes and burned the cornea. The star had to visit an ophthalmologist more than once to heal the damage.

All these troubles are a thing of the past when Lucy started releasing her own tracks. The first significant success of the girl can be called the single “Enchanted by you”, which gained several hundred thousand views on the Web. Then Chebotina sang a duet with Dan Balan and YurKiss, and in October 2019 she released the album “Unlimited Love” and gave her first solo concert in the capital.

In order to participate in the Indian show, I had to learn Hindi and live in a shabby hotel.  As a result, it was because of Chebotina's indignation that the contestants were moved to a better hotel

In order to participate in the Indian show, I had to learn Hindi and live in a shabby hotel. As a result, it was because of Chebotina’s indignation that the contestants were moved to a better hotel

In 2020, Lucy was accused of plagiarism: the track NILETTO with Rauf & Faik “If you are sad” resembled the melodic course of Coming out Chebotina. As the singer noted, she did not quarrel with the singer of “Lyubimki”, but Rauf & Faik fans flooded her with very aggressive comments, wishing her death. At the same time, the hit of the vocalist came out before the composition of the guys, so the harassment was at least not justified.

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The real breakthrough was the composition “Sun of Monaco”, which last year topped all the famous charts of the country. The video for the hit took third place in YouTube trends. Later, the singer also released the tracks “Aeroexpress” and “Main reason”, but so far they have not managed to surpass the last hit.

Love and hatred

In 2019, Lucy received the Successful Ladies Awards in the nomination

In 2019, Lucy received the Successful Ladies Awards in the nomination “Best Artist”, but at the time of meeting with Alekseev, she was a noun

When Lucy went to the Ukrainian “Voice” in 2015, she did not hide her delight from Nikita Alekseev. As a result, Chebotina met with the idol, who spoke warmly about her performance on the project, but that was the end of the conversation.

Lucy refused to work with the Black Star label and did not sign contracts with Artik and Vladimir Shurochkin, as she was too free-spirited and used to achieve results on her own. However, the haters now and then accused the singer of protection from the outside.

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For example, the villains believed that Lucy was gossiping about an affair with Vlad Sokolovsky, starring in his video for the track “Wrist”. “Fabrikant” assured the audience that a colleague simply helped him with the video. “I am very glad that my idea was supported by Lucy Chebotina, whom I invited to act in the video and never regretted, because she proved to be a true professional,” said Vlad.

Rumors about the artist’s affair with YurKiss have been actively circulating since 2019 after the joint composition “Be Brave”. The haters have repeatedly claimed that Chebotina may have contacted a colleague in the shop because of his influential father, businessman Vladimir Kiselyov.

“There was a scandal with a drummer from a girl’s rock band. She said that I was allegedly meeting with YurKiss in order to have rotations on radio and TV. I growled and said, “Brother, show me where these rotations are.” You put songs on the radio – the music committee approves or disapproves, “- said the singer of the hit” Sun of Monaco “.

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Lucy noted that she met Yuri Kiselev through social networks, and then accidentally met him in “Crocus”. A friend in correspondence immediately invited Chebotina and her sister to join his company at a party, after which the conversation moved to a new level. The singers came out together, performed as a duo, rested. Unsurprisingly, they were soon called a couple, but the actress was undeservedly accused of trying to propagate.

The support of her mother, sister, and fans helped Luce ignore the hate. But Chebotin did not spread about love affairs: according to the artist, she is so immersed in her career that there is no time for personal life. At the same time, the girl mentioned that at the age of 20 she almost married a foreigner from Oman.

“It turned out that I fell out of love later, I realized that I made a lot of mistakes, like him. And since then I’ve been without a relationship for several years, I don’t even remember what it’s like: to write off someone all the time, “the star admitted last spring on the YouTube show” Discover, David! “

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A couple of months ago, Lucy changed her position: she did not officially confirm her affair with JurKiss, but said that she dedicated the song “Sun of Monaco” to him. And she was intrigued, adding that their relationship is more than friendship. The girl avoided a direct answer to the question of love for Yuri in March, when she spoke with Stas Yarushin. “It simply came to my notice then. I believe that they can cast a spell, spoil. That’s why I don’t want to discuss at all, “Chebotina summed up. Well, we can only wait for the development of this story.

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