Why directors leave unsuccessful doubles with Aya in their works – The reaction of netizens

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On March 11, an article entitled “I don’t know why other singers and producers keep doing the same thing Aiyu“, Which quickly spread on the Internet. It seems to have happened because of the behind-the-scenes story of the new song Jay Pak GANADARA, which was released the same day.

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Earlier in an interview with various media Jay Pack said: “Aiyu and I improvised in the second part of the song. “Real laughter” Aiyu during my singing it was improvisation. The sound of her laughter was recorded unexpectedly, but I had a good feeling, so I just kept it in the song».

Natural voice Aiyu s was included not only in the song Jay Pak. The song God Sing for me, released in 2014, also featured a playful voice Aiyu.

The same thing happened with dramas Aiyu. During the filming of the drama tvN “Hotel del Luna” Aiyu laughed, repeating his remarks with Yo Jin Gu. This scene was in the headlines, as it was not cut after processing, and even used in the official broadcast.

In the older KBS2 drama “Lee Sung Shin is the best!” the scene in which Aiyu laughed along with Cho John Socomwas saved and broadcast on TV channels.

In the shooting of a commercial, directors are also more satisfied with natural moments Aiyuthan directed scenes. Appearing as the main character in the Kyungdong Parmaceutical commercial, the singer lost her balance and collapsed while sipping, causing laughter among staff. And later this scene was used in the final version of the commercial.

Netizens jokingly say, “Unintentional scenes and blunders with Aiyu continue to be used in final versions. Why do people keep doing this Aiyu?»

Internet users have poured enthusiastic reactions such as “I can understand why. Because she’s so cute, “” She’s so sweet. That’s why “,” AiYu is so cute “,” How can they not use it? ” , “So cute»Etc.

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