Why Ben Affleck broke up with Jennifer Lopez

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It is impossible to shoot together in an erotic thriller and not allow at least the thought of not trying to transfer the most pleasant part of the relationship from the set to real life.

At the end of 2019, all the media trumpeted about the new star novel. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, immediately after the end of the joint filming, spent a vacation together in Cuba. Indecently happy, of course.

On March 18, 2022, Ben Affleck will meet another lover. But this time, Russian viewers will be able to appreciate on the big screens the same plot that ignited the flames of passion between the Californian and the sensual Cuban. Adrian Lane’s new film, which once gave us “9 1/2 weeks” – Deep Waters.

Ben Affleck’s best friend, Matt Damon, jokes that Ben’s main passion is motorcycles. And everything else – after. And although we will remind that it is a joke, there is a part of the truth in it. Despite the fact that more than two novels have happened in Ben Affleck’s life, it will not be possible to record him as a Hollywood lovelace.

He is not like Leonardo DiCaprio, who went through the entire top lineup of Victoria’s Secrets. So, after the divorce, he took a little walk… And almost all of his girlfriends were not just from the cinematic environment, and full-fledged actresses, whom Affleck met on the set, developed a romantic script. Well, then together they shot a short film, full, franchise or series.

Ben Affleck in Deep Waters

“Pilot” – Cheyenne Rothman

The first officially known great love was not an actress, but a friend of school years, Cheyenne Rothman. According to one version, the young people were in love, dreaming of Hollywood together. On the other hand, only Affleck felt a sense of love, after which he followed the girl to the University of Vermont.

However, Cheyenne did not appreciate this gesture, she did not plan to tie herself to one person so early and preferred to spend time at student parties.

So six months later, Ben fled to Hollywood with Matt Damon. To conquer the Dream Factory, it turned out, you do not need a romantic impulse, but a strong friendly shoulder. And going forward, in this story you are reading, Damon will be the only character who has never disappeared from the life of our main character Ben Affleck.

Ten years later, in an interview, already a star, Ben called Cheyenne’s refusal to be his girlfriend “the biggest disappointment of life.”

“Debut” – Gwyneth Paltrow

1997 The film “Clever Will Hunting” informs the world that there are two nice guys and excellent screenwriters in Hollywood. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon take the screenplay “Oscar”, appear at parties, and at one of these (they say it was a party with the scandalous producer Harvey Weinstein) Ben meets a young fragile and dramatic girl named Gwyneth Paltrow.

In the summer of 1998, Affleck and Gwyneth officially appeared on the red carpet as a couple. And in December of the same year, viewers rejoiced at their joint work “Shakespeare in Love”.

Where, however, Paltrow is not in love with Affleck’s character. But joint! The couple enjoyed success with journalists. Wrote about beautiful gestures like donated diamonds.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love
Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love

But in 2000, when their second collaboration, The Stranger’s Ticket, was released, it became known that Ben and Gwyneth had split up. The official version is Ben’s distrust of Gwyneth’s loyalty on the set of Shakespeare in Love. Like, somehow too convincingly she clung to Joseph Fiennes.

In response to the accusations, Paltrow said that Ben likes to create problems for himself on an equal footing and this prevents him from building a long-term relationship himself.

Now the actors are talking about each other as friends. And in a 2018 interview, Gwyneth even praised their novel: “It was interesting. It seems to me that some partners help you understand yourself, don’t they? For example, to recover from childhood injuries. So the relationship with him was a lesson to me in that sense. “

“The series. Season One “- Jennifer Lopez

A short commercial break occurred at Affleck s Sandroy Bullock. Of the many phantom novels, this one has photographic evidence. The acquaintance happened at work. In 1999, their joint romcom “The Power of Nature” was released. Played love in the frame, tried it in life, it didn’t work out, well, okay. After all, Ben Affleck was already looming on the horizon Jennifer Lopez.

Filming for “Gilli” began in 2002, and a vivid affair with the lead actress for the premiere in 2003 has not just been officially revealed. It was a wedding.

The press dubbed the pair “Bennifer” and followed their movements quite closely. The music video for Jenny From The Block is a mockery of the actress and singer just over these incorrect intrusions into her personal love space.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in “Gilli”

At the time, Jay Lo was considered a little more famous than her boyfriend. Affleck’s films failed in the box office, there were even nominations for “Golden Raspberry” and nicknames “Mr. Lopez”. But the problem that led to the breakup was a little deeper.

Insiders reported irreconcilable contradictions: HLS against a bottle of bourbon, training against parties, and insults to ambition, of course. Now that the couple is together again, of course, their comments about the past experience of the relationship give off false romanticism.

“Ben and I were very much in love with each other. It was one of the happiest stages of my life. But we were so criticized that it ruined our relationship from within. We were too young to understand what was really important in this life, “Jennifer said in a recent interview. But 19 years ago, the break was just a break.

“Franchise” – Jennifer Garner

WITH Jennifer Garner Affleck met in 2000 during the filming of “Pearl Harbor”. They became good friends. Isn’t this the key to future strong relationships? In 2003, the actors appeared together in the comic film “Sorvigolova”. And in October 2004, Ben and Jennifer were first seen as a couple in the stands of a basketball game.

At the time, Garner was not considered a superstar, so the attention of the press was not so annoying. And she turned out to be quite a wise woman to understand: after an affair with Jay Lo, privacy will not prevent her chosen one.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Pearl Harbor
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Pearl Harbor

So the relationship developed without fireworks, but led to a real wedding in 2005. Until 2012, Garner had three children. Ben was photographed with a happy face and children in his arms.

Or, perhaps, personal peace of mind led to the fact that he was able to understand his work and show the world that he is not the most brilliant actor, but a good director (and Oscar-winning screenwriter, we remind you).

Success came again, and with it the accompanying damage in the form of alcohol. Therefore, in 2015, one of the most visually strong unions in Hollywood announced its separation. And in 2018, the couple officially divorced. Ben later gave a brief account of these developments. Asked what he regretted most, he muttered, “About the divorce.”

“New Role” – Ana de Armas

Let’s watch another commercial break with the TV producer of the popular American show Saturday Night Live Lindsay Shukus. After all, in 2019, back to the beginning of the article, he meets Ana de Armas on the set of “Deep Waters” by Adrian Laine, with whom he has to play not just love, but destructive passion and relationships that turn into vicious.

Real relationships developed quickly and productively. The intoxicating swelling of Ben’s face was replaced by a tan and a smile. He introduced Ana to the children, the couple got together.

Ana de Armas in Deep Waters
Ana de Armas in Deep Waters

Touching photos of a couple walking dogs together have appeared in the media. Due to the global quarantine, the premiere of “Deep Waters” was so long that Ana and Ben managed to break up. In 2021, the couple announced a breakup.

The media said that it was the spectacular de Armas who found a better party. But not because she is a “bad girl”, but because she is 33 years old and she wants a full-fledged family. And three is enough for Ben, and his idea of ​​the “family nest” looks a little different.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in “Gilli”

“The series. Season Two “- Jennifer Lopez

Now rejuvenated, thin and rosy, Ben is happy in the arms of Jennifer Lopez. At 49 and 52, the couple is already the happy owner of children from different parents.

If we talk about the world of cinema, they are about equally successful and already clearly know about the problems they may face. So let’s believe both actors who said in an interview that now is the best time in their lives. And let’s turn our lenses away.

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