Why a manicure like Instasamka can cause rejection in men

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Installation tries even in the current conditions not to be discouraged and to please the subscribers with positive posts.

Like any real woman, she decided to cheer up with a fresh manicure by bragging about it on her personal blog.

The blogger made a coat on long nails with rhinestone inlays. And while the brilliance of this season is welcome, a fashion expert Naz Mayer noticed that Instasamka fans should not take an example from her.

Manicure Instasamki. Photo:

“Bright, bright, memorable manicure for a photo shoot and / or for a stage. Sometimes we say, “It’s a stage outfit.” So this is a stage manicure. It is completely unsuitable for a life, a wedding or a pathetic event.

The story is not about fashion, trend, style, but about arrogance and attention.

I can imagine this manicure on the fingers of Beyonce, Rihanna or any other diva who catches the eye of her pens. But I do not recommend doing a giant jacket with rhinestones to a girl who does not work on stage. It doesn’t matter what her weight or shape is. Don’t do that, otherwise you will look vulgar, “Naz Mayer told reporters.

Naz Mayer.
Naz Mayer. Photo: personal archive


Naz Mayer – fashion designer. He is a student of Jean-Paul Gauthier, a designer, a fashion expert. Naz became the winner of the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Award – “Designer of 2021”.

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