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In the semifinals of the competition “The future here »the jury has identified 12 participants who will meet on the final TV broadcast.

The intrigue developed for 8 months. During this time, 60 participants in three areas of the city competition “The future here »together with the mentors prepared the project ideas. Some of the high school students left the project in advance. The most persistent, striving for victory, changed the themes of their works several times and intensified the presentations in all the ways available to them.

There were many brilliant performances in the semifinals. But the rules are the rules – only 12 people were able to get to the finals. Here are the high school students whose project ideas for the development of the city of Surgut, made the strongest impression on the jury members:

Direction “Medicine and genetic technologies “:

1. Trishina Agata – 9th grade high school student “Laboratory Salakhov ». Project idea “Sour milk products for schoolchildren “.

2. Tyazhelnikova Zlata – a student of the 9th grade of the gymnasium “Laboratory Salakhov ». Project idea “Production cranberries in the Surgut district. ”

3. Lapteva Elizaveta – 9th grade student № 3. Project idea “Digitalization information on the collection of living objects of the ecological and biological center “.

4. Shirokoryad Andrey – 9th grade student № 10. Project idea “Rehabilitation after Kovid-19. Northern program “.

5. Loginov Daniel – a student of the 10th grade of school № 44. Project idea “Amazing brick – protection against black mold.

Direction “Industrial engineering »:

1. Malykhina Arina – a student of the 9th grade of the gymnasium named after FK Salmanov. Project idea “Creation My Assistant applications;

2. Alshevsky Vasily – a student of the 9th grade of school № 10. Project idea “Use thermal energy of GRES at utilization of snow masses “.

3. Snegireva Sofia – 8th grade student № 10. Project idea “Electricity next to “.

Direction “Creative industry »:

1. Makarova Sofia – a student of the 9th grade of the gymnasium № 2. Project idea “Creation digital portal “ArtCity-Surgut”.

2. Kortunkova Arina – a student of the 9th grade of the lyceum № 1. Project idea “Online “Guide Surgut”.

3. Dorofeev Nikita – a student of the 10th grade of the lyceum № 3. Project idea “Educational CourseLab platform.

4. Charchyan Elina – 10th grade student № 24. Project idea “Virtual fitting room “.

Congratulations to the guys on reaching the finals!

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