Who will be disconnected from TV in Volgograd and the region next week: addresses, disconnection schedule |

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The Volgograd branch of the Russian television and radio broadcasting network once again warned the people of Volgograd about possible interruptions in the broadcasting of the TV signal. Restrictions will affect the regional center and the farm in the Kalachev district.

According to the Volgograd branch of RTRS, from March 14 to 16 there may be interruptions to the TV and radio signal in Volgograd. The screens can go out from 11:57 to 13:05 throughout the city, where digital terrestrial television is received. The reason for this will be the natural phenomenon of solar interference. This happens when the receiving satellite dish, the satellite to which it is aimed, and the Sun – are on the same line, receiving signals from the satellite becomes impossible – the Sun with its noise completely overlaps the signals of the transponder. Restrictions will affect RTRS-1 and RTRS-2 packages.

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