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Who of the stars left Russia, Where did Khamatova go, Where did the rapper Face go, Where did Galkin and Pugacheva go, Where did Renata Litvinova go, Where did Zemfira go, Where did Oxymiron go

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Ivan Dryomin (real name of the artist. – Note ed.) told in an interview to journalist Yuri Dudy that he planned to emigrate from 2021. Last February, he put the plan into action. The 24-year-old Dremin left Russia with his girlfriend Mariana Roe, a popular YouTube blogger. The couple now lives in Greece.

The 59-year-old actress with Lithuanian roots left for Brussels in late February due to differences in political beliefs with the Russian authorities.

– I left Russia a long time ago. For various reasons, but perhaps the most important is that a so-called special operation is performed. The fact that I did not leave earlier is a mistake, Dapkunaite said at a meeting with Lithuanian journalists.

The famous couple is now in Israel. There is a lot of speculation on social media about the return or non-return of the family. The celebrities left Russia with their children, Alla Borisovna’s upcoming concerts were canceled, and Maxim Galkin’s Israeli concerts were announced in June.

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