Who is hiding in the costumes of Anubis, Bee, Monster, Amanita and Dragon in the show “Mask”

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14:42, 24.04.2022

The editorial board of Around TV on the eve of the second semifinal makes its bets and shares versions.

The second semifinal will take place on April 24 at 20.40 on NTV show “Mask”. It will be recalled that there are only five participants left in the project – Monster, Bee, Dragon, Anubis and Amanita. The final will take place on May 1 at the Crocus City Mall, and the audience will finally know the winner of the race, which lasted two months.

The first semifinal caused bewilderment and annoyance: the project left the clear favorite of the show Capricorn – it was read by everyone in the final. It would be an amazing and dramatic spectacle – to listen to the two strongest vocalists – Dragon and Capricorn – and choose the best. The “etheric gods” ordered otherwise. During the voting, the audience for some reason saved Monster, in which everyone has already guessed the famous singer and TV presenter, and the jury made a choice in favor of Amanita by a majority vote. As a result, the one who took off the mask is beautiful Nikita Presnyakov could not hide his disappointment when he said that he was preparing a couple of interesting numbers for the show. Nikita won the hearts of fans of the project and saw him off almost with tears. It is pointless to guess what the audience and some members of the jury will be surprised by when voting. Let’s try to guess who is hiding under the remaining masks, especially since we often manage to get into the “top ten” – the editors of “Around TV”, we recall, guessed Donut, Peacock, Octopus …

Nikita Presnyakov in the show “Mask”

Everyone can already see in MonstrickAlesya Vorobyeva. He desperately hints at his own persona as he enters the stage with roses in his paws. So, the character, apparently, sends everyone to his participation in the show “The Bachelor”. In the last issue, Monster was already so excited that he sang a song from Alexei’s repertoire – “Crazy”. The only thing that confuses the manners of the hairy monster stand-up comedian is that he is witty and claims the laurels of a roaster. Alexey, of course, participated in KVN, but to joke so professionally?

Monster in the show “Mask”

The monster often arranges a whole show on the ballot. Hugs with nominees for retirement and even rides with them on the floor. One day he was dragging the Dragon’s tail. In the latter, we, by the way, suspect an opera singer – venerable and held, with a beautiful tone. Throughout the project, different opinions were expressed about this participant – Evgeny Kungurov, Sergey Volchkov, Evgeny Dyatlov (which is seen in Muhmore) and even Renat Ibragimov. We can hardly imagine that a 75-year-old singer can lie on the stage and let himself be pulled by the tail. Therefore, we assume that the Dragon may be hiding a star of the world opera scene Ildar Abdrazakovwho loves to joke. Some of our editors also have a version that is hiding in the Dragon Elchin Azizov – Soloist of the Bolshoi Theater with experience in KVN.

Dragon and Monster in the show “Mask”

The most mysterious character of the show is Anubis, who can sing in both male and female voices, claiming that he is a man, and married. All these inconsistencies even gave rise to jokes. Sharpshooters say: “Mask shows artists who are considered to have left the country”, alluding, for example, to a parody artist Maxim Galkin, which can also give the tone of both sexes. But Anubis clearly has a good vocal training, not just the ability to imitate. The jury said he could hide there Diana Ankundinova, Masha Zaitseva, Manizha. We like the last assumption, also part of our editorial office hears a voice in the god of mummifications Irina Zabiakiand part – Anita Tsoi. Although… Those who believe that Anubis is a man say the nameRodion Gazmanov: they say, and talented, and small in stature.

Anubis in the show “Mask”

The bee also continues to surprise: it is typical Lada Dance, then Masha Rasputinand last time the “buzzer” suddenly sang in her voice Anastasia Stotskaya. Her constant confessions of love for the chairman of the jury – Philip Kirkorov – Is it a game or memories of a real novel? Then everything fits. But we still tend to think that these attempts to mix pop with vocals are typical for Lada and for Margarita Sukhankina.

Bee in the show “Mask”

In Muhomor, everyone guessed a long time ago Evgenia Dyatlovand. And he stopped hiding his incredibly beautiful, velvety and dramatic vocals. They don’t kick me out of the show, probably because they want to enjoy this male voice longer. And we understand the jury very much.

Who will end up in the final? The show has entered a stage where masks pull out all their trump cards, so it can be anyone. But the Dragon just has to be a winner!

Amanita in the show “Mask”

Watch the show “Mask” on the NTV channel on April 24 at 20.40.

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